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Anxiety Treatment

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If you need mental health treatment in the form of an anxiety treatment program in Jonesboro, check out Alleviant Jonesboro. Our staff specializes in treating clients who struggle with treatment-resistant issues, such as chronic pain disorder.

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Anxiety disorders can be treatment-resistant and are also some of the country’s most common mental health problems. About one-fifth of U.S. adults are affected by anxiety disorders, even though less than half of these adults seek professional help. Searching for an anxiety therapy treatment program in Jonesboro, Arkansas? Reach out to Alleviant Jonesboro today by calling 870.657.0337 or contacting our team online.

What Is an Anxiety Treatment Program?

Anxiety treatment programs typically have both psychotherapy and medications among their components.

Regarding psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is commonly used to treat anxiety disorders. During CBT sessions, the client learns what exactly triggers anxiety and how to avoid or healthily respond to those triggers. Exposure therapy is also used in anxiety treatment programs. This type of therapy involves a controlled environment in which a client is gradually exposed to situations that normally would cause their anxiety to rise. The purpose of exposure therapy is to desensitize the client to triggering situations slowly.

Relaxation techniques are also often used to treat anxiety disorders. These techniques may include acupuncture or breathing techniques. They can alleviate or eliminate anxiety symptoms by either controlling them or stopping them before they happen.

While medications don’t cure anxiety, they can help clients manage their symptoms and function well in their daily lives. However, some clients may not want to try medications. Benzodiazepines are commonly recommended but also sedatives that can be addictive. They work by relaxing muscles and calming the mind. 

It’s also worth noting that a comprehensive anxiety treatment program also involves a healthy diet, physical activity, and regular sleep. To manage anxiety symptoms effectively, clients are often told to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine as much as possible.

How Does Anxiety Therapy Work?

At our anxiety treatment center in Jonesboro, psychotherapy is a collaborative process. This means that mental health professionals and clients work together to identify specific anxiety disorder concerns and develop new capabilities and skills for coping with anxiety when it comes up. Clients can practice their new skills outside of therapy sessions, but therapists won’t push them into such scenarios until they’re sure that clients have the skills they need to confront their fears effectively.

Mental health professionals sometimes use other approaches to treat anxiety disorders. Apart from individual sessions, group and family therapy sessions may also be part of an anxiety treatment program. Group psychotherapy typically involves several clients who are all struggling with anxiety disorders. Family psychotherapy can help family members understand their loved one’s anxiety disorder and help them learn ways to interact that don’t reinforce anxious behaviors.

When Should You Consider an Anxiety Treatment Center?

No matter what type of anxiety disorder you or your loved one is struggling with, our anxiety treatment center at Alleviant Jonesboro can help you improve your quality of life.

An anxiety disorder can affect how someone perceives the world, and they can live with irrational fear and a sense of impending doom, along with being devoid of hope. But how much anxiety is too much to handle alone? Although everyone experiences anxiety and stress to some degree, it could be time to seek professional help when your anxiety symptoms:

  • Affect your concentration
  • Cause you to have suicidal thoughts
  • Create persistent sleep issues
  • Foster a feeling of worthlessness or a sense of self-loathing
  • Interfere with personal or professional relationships
  • Isolate you from others
  • Stop you from doing the things you enjoy

In addition to emotional and mental troubles, anxiety disorders can also cause problems with physical health — such as chronic pain, digestive issues, or headaches. If you’ve noticed that your bouts of anxiety affect your physical health, it’s even more important to seek professional help. 

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